Look at me all dressed up!!

Look at me all dressed up!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Birthday

Hey everyone!
So this week went super fast once again, especially being conference week!! This past mondey while working in our area we passed by a church called asamblea de dios, which means assembly of god, and the funny thing was they were actually singing on of our church hymns! We were heading towards an investigater who was progressing but turns out when we knocked her door she fled from the living room into the kitchen, seeing through the glass door, and sent her mom to answer the door and tell us she wasn´t home, we going through that and listening to excuses like two or three times a week. The worse part was that she was one of our progressing investigaters. This week was also my big 21st b day, i had a really good day, enjoyed my self somewhat and we also had a really good day working. I still don´t feel like im 21 or even that i have to much time in the mission. Oh and big news for brasil the 2016 olympics will be in here in rio de janero, everyone here is going crazy.. even my companion and i cause brazil is just awesome! As far as conference when we didn´t have any investigaters come to see the stake center is actually really far away (in another country) and we even had problems with some of the members getting there on time. But i would have to say that holland gave an amazing talk, he just calls my attention so much when he talks so strongly that i become so interested that i dont even bother to take notes. As well i love how richard g scott loaths pornography and teaches it so well, im really excited for the ensign in november. This week went fast for a lot of reasons but mostly because we´re trying to work hard, this full week we´ll have to work even harder though. The head is turning up too, we´re still doing good but im sure it will get to a point where we might have to stay in all the afternoon! Love elder chase parkAnd yes i didn´t wait to open my present, i just don´t have the self discipline and you´re way to smart mom! Oh yeah and for my birthday i had cake smashed in my face! First time ever in my life! I didn´t really like it

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Joe said...

Congratulations, Elder Parks on being in Corumba! I was only the second white missionary to go to corumba since the Santa Cruz mission opened. What an incredible place it is! What great memories of that place you will have!