Look at me all dressed up!!

Look at me all dressed up!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Birthday

Hey everyone!
So this week went super fast once again, especially being conference week!! This past mondey while working in our area we passed by a church called asamblea de dios, which means assembly of god, and the funny thing was they were actually singing on of our church hymns! We were heading towards an investigater who was progressing but turns out when we knocked her door she fled from the living room into the kitchen, seeing through the glass door, and sent her mom to answer the door and tell us she wasn´t home, we going through that and listening to excuses like two or three times a week. The worse part was that she was one of our progressing investigaters. This week was also my big 21st b day, i had a really good day, enjoyed my self somewhat and we also had a really good day working. I still don´t feel like im 21 or even that i have to much time in the mission. Oh and big news for brasil the 2016 olympics will be in here in rio de janero, everyone here is going crazy.. even my companion and i cause brazil is just awesome! As far as conference when we didn´t have any investigaters come to see the stake center is actually really far away (in another country) and we even had problems with some of the members getting there on time. But i would have to say that holland gave an amazing talk, he just calls my attention so much when he talks so strongly that i become so interested that i dont even bother to take notes. As well i love how richard g scott loaths pornography and teaches it so well, im really excited for the ensign in november. This week went fast for a lot of reasons but mostly because we´re trying to work hard, this full week we´ll have to work even harder though. The head is turning up too, we´re still doing good but im sure it will get to a point where we might have to stay in all the afternoon! Love elder chase parkAnd yes i didn´t wait to open my present, i just don´t have the self discipline and you´re way to smart mom! Oh yeah and for my birthday i had cake smashed in my face! First time ever in my life! I didn´t really like it

Guess Where I am

In Brazil

This past week went really awesome, for the preperation day we went to our area where on a hill it has a big statue of a Christ! It´s was sweet to see our entire area too while being up ontop of the hill. This past week went really well with our investigaters we have a family and another sister who we are teaching who are progressing a ton. The family is already finding alot of questions and doubts through the book of mormon and this Sunday they went to church, as well we have another sister who has been reading the book of mormon like crazy too and we went to teach her the plan of salvation, she practically already knew it and was teaching us.. all three of them are being prepared to be baptized on halloween!! It´s going to be awesome.. this past week was pretty hot though, right now the coulds are covering the sun and the wind gives a cool breeze but later on in the week it´s going to heat up again like it always does. Funny story.. my companion and i met an old guy who was about 86 years old. He was talking to us about how strong he was, and show it he punched my companion in the arm by surprise… it looked pretty hard. So my companion was kinda angry then the old guy said to grab his leg to see feel his muscle. But the thing is grab in portuguese means to punch in spanish and my companion with an already angry mind undertood punch my leg… to which he did and the old guy starts freaking out.. it was actually hilarious in the moment. But all is still well here in brazil, im going good still learing portugues right now it´s not very hard at all.. and thanks mom for the money, i went and bought myself a soccer jersey and probably will buy another scrupture case too. And the pants do fit me thanks again. And no i wont be able to go to rio because it´s actually another mission.. the area that i work in is about four hours away from the nearest stake. But im still doing great and am excited for halloween and november and to get this year over with.
Love you all a tone
.Elder chase park

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Missed Wedding

dad told me a lot of what happened and that sucks that i missed out on the fun and frantic.. i especially liked it when dad told me the story of someone confusing trevor as the groom and ashley saying "i would never marry someone with braces and a captain america shirt!". but i guess it sounded like everything turned out pretty good... so this past week was another hoot in the missionary work, it seems like it´s getting harder now cause the termperature is going up and i have´t really gotten used the heat just yet.. in this next month that comes we´re planning on have about five people being baptized and in this month were just finishing with two... we have to find more people to teach.. but to tell you the truth it really feels good to be back here in bolivia even though im getting toasted.. but im excited to hear more about the wedding and see more of those pictures, especially of me! ( i still think thats hilarious)

chase park

Monday, June 22, 2009

Some Big changes are coming

so there have been a lot of changes in the mission as of now... right now im with one of my old companions still in lima peru waiting to leave for bolivia. my companion finished his mission and now im in a trio still in my same area just kinda showing the new missionaries around. but as of today president elmer has told be that the visas have been approved and that in this week we will be going back!! finially! a lot of these pictures that im sending are from when all the bolivia missionaries went through the temple with president, when sister elmer cut our ties because we are finishing here in this mission and when we out to eat at a few places like chilies!!! and i think a few other, like another baptism. well now not being a zone leader just really means that now i have more time for internet!! woot. right now im just waiting for a few days more to fly off to bolivia and im soooo excited to goooo!! i have been waiting for nine months and finally the time has come. so ive got so much time right now i really dont know what to write.well im companions again with an elder i trained, elder benavides from columbia again, staying with him and his companion just for a bit. but everything is going really well right now, and i hope you liked the pictures. love you all happy father day dad!!

DyC 31:3-6

elder chase park

i might call home when i fly to bolivia

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Monday, May 25, 2009


welp another week down in the mission, and the time is still flying. this past week went well again our zone is still baptizing and right now in the mission in lima we´re the zone of excelency, which just means we have the most baptisms. i don´t really like how president makes is know cause it makes a lot of missionaries feel bad. yesterday we gave a blessing of health to a little girl (really adorable) who was like two, she had problems sleeping in the night but before the blessing she was really sad and shy, then after the blessing happy and healthy from what it seemed she was pretty much changed completely right after the blessing. it was really amazing to see how fast the power of christ works in children, how alteast how much faith they have. but for for me that was a little cool special experience i had. at the end of this week we´ll have another baptisms, possible two and this thursday we also have a conference with president snow in the peru mtc so i´ll see trev harpel again, then in two weeks i´ll be shipped off the bolivia as a civilian in peru!! but i´ll try and send pictures next week, i don´t really have to much time right now sorry.. but thanks for all the e mails, pictures and support! love you all! and miss every one. tell the wests roystens and brittany and jackson i said bye too and that i´ll miss them a lot! elder chase park
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Sunday, May 03, 2009

hey hey this past went pretty good, im sending pictures of my companion and i teaching english in school and also when we had interviews with president.. and yes mom i did get the package!! thanks so much for all the garments ties and especially the pants and socks, i for sure needed them.. this past week went by really fast we´re still doing pretty good and should have a few more baptisms in this coming week. as well its still probable that i´ll be going back to bolivia still in june, but mostly just excited to eat my easter candy right now!! but all is well, i´ll try and take more photos to send home next week and before going to bolivia i´ll send a package!! woot.. hey jeff whats up, when are you planning on leaving for your mission? love you all.. no time again, sorry!!
welp this past week went pretty well, in the zone we had 3 comformations one from us and two others, the next week we´ll have about nine more in the zone.. three from us and six from another companionship.. so we´re starting to baptize a little bit more, but right now we still have have about 13 more who could get potentially get baptized in may who are progressing really well, we just have to work with them a little bit more.. but all is well, as far as bolivia i´ll probably be going back in june, around moms b day!! woot!! but before that i´ll have a year in the mission by may 14 and even before that i get to call home for mothers day!!!! wooooooot!!! but the pictures you guys sent were awesome, everyone has changed, not so much with dad, maybe it´s just cause mom looks younger in every picture i see.. or maybe it´s cause she a pro rock climber now(nickname mountain goat!) but also i´m still waiting for my package, i know it´s close and i´m sure it will be here by the next week. but thanks for the e mails and pictures they help a ton and next week i´ll send some pictures as well i was wondering if someone could get me alex´s mission address for me or even his e mail for the mission. but thanks for all and i love you tons... until next week. elder chase park

Sunday, February 22, 2009

ok so this past two weeks went kinda crazy.. i had the emergancy change with elder sum and had to train him for two weeks till the real change came (feb 11th), after the two weeks i was called with the change to another zone called maranga and the ward is called precursores.. but also with some more news ive been called as a new zone leader, which just means me and my companion are just leaders over all the missionaries in the stake, and so far its pretty cool. i actually like the new ward a lot, the members here have helped us a ton and weve been finding new investigaters left and right, as well we already have a batism planned for this saturday.. but as far as my new companion goes, his names elder gallardo from mexico and hes got 20 months in the mission and already a lot of experience as a zone leader, so hes pretty much teaching me how everything is as a zone leader. but as well this past week was a little hard with the change and trying to figure out our new zone and new area, cause my companion and i were both called as new zone leaders so we have to rely a lot on the members and the missionaries who already have a lot time here.. but were finding our way to the old investigaters from the elders before.. but as well my area is huge, its actually two areas in one, and it has the ocean.. but what i guess i like most is that its pretty cold here and the weather is almost perfect. but all is going good im enjoying my new companion, sector, zone, and all the missionaries in the zone too are awesome we just have to focus on march and find those who are waiting to get baptized in that month.. but i hope im giong to see tons of pictures next week, ill try and do the same, and all is well still working hard, proabably harder then ever now.. and the days just keep rolling.. love you all and have fun in disneyland without me!!.... oh and hey jeff whats up bro..> > love > elder park>