Look at me all dressed up!!

Look at me all dressed up!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Missed Wedding

dad told me a lot of what happened and that sucks that i missed out on the fun and frantic.. i especially liked it when dad told me the story of someone confusing trevor as the groom and ashley saying "i would never marry someone with braces and a captain america shirt!". but i guess it sounded like everything turned out pretty good... so this past week was another hoot in the missionary work, it seems like it´s getting harder now cause the termperature is going up and i have´t really gotten used the heat just yet.. in this next month that comes we´re planning on have about five people being baptized and in this month were just finishing with two... we have to find more people to teach.. but to tell you the truth it really feels good to be back here in bolivia even though im getting toasted.. but im excited to hear more about the wedding and see more of those pictures, especially of me! ( i still think thats hilarious)

chase park

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Meg Sousa said...

Helo Parks,
I wish to know if your mission in Brazil,did you was in Natal-RN?
Meg - Natal.
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