Look at me all dressed up!!

Look at me all dressed up!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Some Big changes are coming

so there have been a lot of changes in the mission as of now... right now im with one of my old companions still in lima peru waiting to leave for bolivia. my companion finished his mission and now im in a trio still in my same area just kinda showing the new missionaries around. but as of today president elmer has told be that the visas have been approved and that in this week we will be going back!! finially! a lot of these pictures that im sending are from when all the bolivia missionaries went through the temple with president, when sister elmer cut our ties because we are finishing here in this mission and when we out to eat at a few places like chilies!!! and i think a few other, like another baptism. well now not being a zone leader just really means that now i have more time for internet!! woot. right now im just waiting for a few days more to fly off to bolivia and im soooo excited to goooo!! i have been waiting for nine months and finally the time has come. so ive got so much time right now i really dont know what to write.well im companions again with an elder i trained, elder benavides from columbia again, staying with him and his companion just for a bit. but everything is going really well right now, and i hope you liked the pictures. love you all happy father day dad!!

DyC 31:3-6

elder chase park

i might call home when i fly to bolivia

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