Look at me all dressed up!!

Look at me all dressed up!!

Monday, May 25, 2009


welp another week down in the mission, and the time is still flying. this past week went well again our zone is still baptizing and right now in the mission in lima we´re the zone of excelency, which just means we have the most baptisms. i don´t really like how president makes is know cause it makes a lot of missionaries feel bad. yesterday we gave a blessing of health to a little girl (really adorable) who was like two, she had problems sleeping in the night but before the blessing she was really sad and shy, then after the blessing happy and healthy from what it seemed she was pretty much changed completely right after the blessing. it was really amazing to see how fast the power of christ works in children, how alteast how much faith they have. but for for me that was a little cool special experience i had. at the end of this week we´ll have another baptisms, possible two and this thursday we also have a conference with president snow in the peru mtc so i´ll see trev harpel again, then in two weeks i´ll be shipped off the bolivia as a civilian in peru!! but i´ll try and send pictures next week, i don´t really have to much time right now sorry.. but thanks for all the e mails, pictures and support! love you all! and miss every one. tell the wests roystens and brittany and jackson i said bye too and that i´ll miss them a lot! elder chase park
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Brian said...

Chase, you can say good bye but you won't get rid of us that easy.